Villa Collina, Tennessee’s largest home, is an expansive waterfront mansion in Knoxville, Tennessee. Many people have been lucky enough to enjoy the home through the events held there to support nonprofits, fundraisers and other groups, but for those who have not, a new free digital audio tour is now available.

The tour is fully produced with sound effects, music and descriptions of the luxurious rooms and furnishings in the home.

Francesca Follone-Montgomery, a lecturer in Italian Studies at University of Tennessee, provides the voice talent for the tour and delivers the audio with enthusiasm and charm.

The first part of the tour takes listeners through the main and lower floors of Villa Collina, which includes the home’s entrance past the Grand Fountain into the Grand Foyer with sweeping views through the back of the home. One of the most exciting stops is in the tri-level library with exquisite woodwork and a stunning spiral staircase.

The tour makes note of art pieces throughout the home as well as events, movie and television shows that have been held in various rooms and areas.

Descending to the lower level, the tour continues to the wine cellar, a 2,600-square-foot labyrinth of tasting rooms and wine storage with mysterious secret passageways.

The tour moves through the Roman Bath House and describes the pool, spa and other amenities in the lower level, then back up to the main level via the outside terraces. A little history of the site is included as well as some behind-the-scenes insight into the technology and machinery that run the home.

Next, listeners will learn about the upper-level bedrooms including the Master Suite, closets and bath, and the fine finishes that make it the epitome of luxurious retreats.

After finishing the upper floor, listeners will complete the tour of this amazing home that is a Knoxville icon.

A full transcript of the tour is also available for hearing impaired.

Full audio tour

Full tour transcript (opens in new tab)

We hope you enjoy the digital tour. Want more? A new book about the history and legacy of Villa Collina recently has been published and a free read-only digital copy of the beautiful tome is available here.