Villa Collina is an Italianate mansion nestled along the river among the East Tennessee mountains and is the state’s largest home. A beautiful new book provides stunning imagery and a detailed account of the land, community, construction and history of this storied place.

The book is now available in read-only digital format. Flip through the digital book below to experience luxury at its finest.

Constructed between 1993 and 2000, Villa Collina is 40,250 square feet of opulence. With 86 rooms, including eight bedrooms, 11 full bathrooms, three-story library, 2,600-square-foot wine cellar, 11 fireplaces, indoor and outdoor pools, six-car garage, guest and staff quarters, and much more, the mansion is a majesty to behold.

Authored by Dr. Eric W. Barton, Dr. Leigh Anne Pentecost and Moxley Carmichael, the book details the numerous architectural relics from structures in Knoxville and imported finishes and materials, such as Turkish Afyon white sugar marble, silk wall coverings from Dubai and custom doors from Turkey.

Readers also can learn a little more about the mysterious secret passageways in the home – but not too much – they are secret, after all.

Meaning “house on a hill” in Italian, Villa Collina has been featured in network television shows and provided the set for movies. The complete scoop on these features can be found in the book.

Divided into three parts, or acts, to mark periods of time within the Villa Collina story, the book spans centuries of settlement and development and takes a look into the future.

Act I
History and Early Residents
of Lyons View Pike

Act I provides an overview of the history of the area surrounding Villa Collina along Lyons View Pike. This section also introduces the previous occupants on the Villa Collina property including the Baker and Yatteau families.

Act II
The Construction of
Villa Collina and Previous Owners

Act II explores in great detail the unique design and construction process, as well as the techniques and materials used to create Villa Collina. Furthermore, Act II provides brief histories of previous occupants and how they inhabited the estate.

Eric’s Legacy at Villa Collina

Lastly, Act III presents the most recent homeowner, Dr. Eric W. Barton, and his $4 million in improvements to the house, including a focus on making the mansion more energy efficient.

Act III also provides beautiful imagery and overviews of prominent rooms within the villa, including the Grand Foyer, Cantina and the Master Suite.

The book ends with a section about events at Villa Collina, which has hosted numerous nonprofit events, fundraisers, concerts and parties of all kinds.

So, what more could you want? Take some time to escape the ordinary and enjoy the Villa Collina book today!